PZB Chemical Ltd is in Wen zhou China , which is one of the earliest founded specializes in leather surface treatment products in China. The main products are Leather Gloss Agent, Leather Cleaner, Fillers, Water-based Wax Water Agent, Shoe Cream, Color Alteration, Repair, Dye Liquor, Suede, Sanding, Waterproof, Wax and other supplementary products for leather surface treatment agent. With more than 20 years experience and good faith-based service as well as perfect technique and insights on the market's trends and needs to provide to lead trend of the times and new products to consumers. For example, the leather brightening agent: Y-5508 and Y-5568. They are very popular, and are exported to overseas countries, received by the customer. In the further, we will further improve our products and services, and constantly expand internalized market with our old and new clients. It is certain that we will do better than ever! We sincerely hope to work together to create a better future with you!
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皮革光亮剂皮革光亮剂采用优质有机硅制备而成,为水溶性光亮剂,皮革光亮剂手感滑爽细腻(油润感),具有很高的光亮度和滑爽度.不粘皮,能增加皮革制品的手感,使之更加柔软自然,使皮革滑爽、细腻.赋予皮革制品优良的光泽性、耐干湿擦性、柔韧性,而且还具有优良的附着力以及抗污染能力.本品无溶剂污染、附着力强、干燥快、耐水、耐侯性好、无毒无味等特点.产品种类有:Pvc光亮剂, 移模革光亮剂(y-5560/5568 无色/黑色), 手感光亮剂(y-5520/5528 无色/黑色), 消光漆(y-5510/5518 无色/黑色), 高光光亮剂(y-5580/5588 无色/黑色), 中高光光亮剂(y-5500/5508 无色/黑色), 自然光光亮剂(Y-5540/5548 无色/黑色 ), 等.


皮革清洁剂溶剂型皮革清洁剂 可去除皮革表面油污,溢胶,汗斑等;水性柔和清洁剂:可深层处理皮革表面状况,清洁皮面油污,不伤皮,能增加皮与后处理的粘着力;银笔清洁剂:可去除银笔标记,防止手纹玷污等.产品种类有:镜面革清洁剂(y-703), 水性防霉清洁剂, 水性柔和清洁剂(s-7720/7728无色/黑色), 特效银笔清洁剂(s-7740), 银笔膏(s-7730 无色), 强力清洁剂(y-7750 无色), 皮革去胶剂(y-7700无色), 皮革去污剂(s-7000 无色), 等.